Top 10 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Amsterdam

kid-friendly restaurants in amsterdam

Amsterdam is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most visited multi-cultural cities. With residents from 180 different countries, this once small Dutch fishing village now caters to almost every appetite imaginable. For Lou Lou and Jaf, that translates into new experiences and flavors which they love exploring.  From our kid-friendly food tour with Hungry Birds, daily visits to Vondelpark and our evening walks near the canals we found our favorite spots to not only eat, but to “hang-out”.

Here’s our list of 10 kid-friendly places to eat in Amsterdam, Lou Lou and Jaf approved of course!

Pancakes!  Amsterdam


Love Dutch pancakes (pannekoeken)!

When in Amsterdam, we learned that pancakes are not just for breakfast! Talk about music to our ears. Much like the crepes in Paris, pancakes can either be sweet or savory and there’s no better place to try them than at Pancakes! Amsterdam. Our kids loved the cheese pancakes, ordered second and third servings.

Kids Favorite:  Cheese, apple crumble and lemon pancakes

Café Restaurant Amsterdam

The tomato soup was a winner!

The tomato soup was a winner!

Located opposite Westerpark, next to the old water tower, this expansive space originally housed machinery used to pump water for the city before it was converted into a restaurant. The restaurant serves a wide range of European dishes such as pate, but we recommend it for its seafood!  This restaurant is extremely large, and perfect for larger groups and families with children.

Kids Favorite:  Tomato soup, fried codfish and sticky toffee cake

Dish Global Kitchen

Dish Global

Known for their fresh ingredients and fruit shakes, this is a lovely lunch spot if you’re near Vondelpark! True to its name, Dish Global Kitchen serves up Asian, African, American, European, and Australian-inspired sandwiches, salads, pies, and more!

Kids Favorite:  The omelet with mushrooms, homemade scones and smoothies

Het Groot Melkhuis

The kids played for hours at the park here..

The kids played for hours at the park here..

Another great kid-friendly location if you’re in Vondelpark. While you’re taking in the gorgeous city views on the large terrace of this lake-side cafe, your kids will be working up an appetite in its playground!
 Every Wednesdays, between 2:00-4:00pm, the cafe organizes a craft workshop to get your kids creative juices flowing. 

Kids Favorite:  Everything from the frites, cotton candy, burgers and ice cream…


Our dinner :)

Our dinner 🙂

Dutch for the word “mothers”, Moeders has been around since 1990, is a classic Dutch establishment serving up homestyle cooked food. Your kids will love eating there because of the quirky decor – its walls are filled with framed photos of mothers, and none of the utensils or plates match, an ode to your mother’s cupboard. There is also an indoor play area with legos, toys, and coloring pages to keep them occupied until the food arrives. 

Kids Favorite:  The hotchpotch and spare ribs with fries and dips



This has to be one of our favorite kid-friendly finds in Amsterdam. This self-service café is extremely cozy – you feel like you’re in someone’s living room. It is complete with a kids corner containing toys, books and even a diaper change section.

Kids Favorite:   The lamb burger with tatziki and the bread and butter pudding

Pacific Parc

Photo Courtesy:

Photo Courtesy:

Located in Westerpark, this is actually quite a popular rock-n-roll bar and dance bistro with the locals! But, during the day, Pacific Parc has one of the largest terraces in the area, which is great for family dining.
We heard it’s a great place to eat at in the winter, because the kids can go skating at the ice rink after!

Kids Favorite:  Chicken drumsticks and brownie with hazelnuts

Sea Palace Chinese Restaurant

The Tsa Siu Pau was their favorite...

The Tsa Siu Pau was their favorite…

We absolutely love dim sum (it’s very kid-friendly), and if you’re craving some in Amsterdam, head to Sea Palace! Other than the food, the kids will love it because it’s a floating pagoda-shaped restaurant, has authentic decor, and a large koi pond. Request to sit on the upper deck for stunning views of the water and city.

Kids Favorite:  Tsa SiuPau, Siu Mai and Daan Tat (custard tart)

La Perla


Our margherita 🙂

Located in the charming Jordaan district, it is the place to go if you want authentic Napoli-style pizza while in Amsterdam. Their crispy, fluffy pizzas are baked in a wood oven that is located across the street in their take-out area. The kids loved the spicy salami pizza with buffalo mozzarella; their produce is imported straight from Italy, and you can definitely taste the freshness in the quality of the mozzarella.

Kids Favorite:  The quattro formaggi and margherita pizza

Café Papeneiland

Dutch apple pies were the best!

Dutch apple pies are what they are known for

One of the oldest cafés in Amsterdam, Café Papeneiland is known for their apple pies, which to this day, are still handmade. A slice of heaven, the crust is crispy, and a little heavier than the traditional American crust we’re used to. The filling consists of apples browned to perfection in brown sugar.
A fun fact we heard was Bill Clinton stopped by for a cappuccino and slice of pie, and ended up taking away an entire pie! His thank you letter to the Cafe hangs up on one of the walls.

Kids Favorite:  Their apple pie is yum!


Missing those afternoon and evening walks…

All of the restaurants above are child friendly because they prioritized their services towards the entire family. If you ever have the chance to visit Amsterdam with your family, pay these places a visit.

You’ll have a great time and will experience all that this truly multi-cultural city has to offer!

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