Top 5 Street Foods to Eat in Amsterdam

street food to eat in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is mainly known for its beautiful canals, the red light district, Van Gogh, and of course the abundance of coffeeshops. While these sights attract millions of tourists annually, they weren’t the reasons why we chose to visit the city. We were interested in exploring what the Dutch food scene, and in particular what street food to eat in Amsterdam.

And, what better way to do that than by a food tour?!

As you know by now, we’re huge advocates of discovering a culture through its cuisine. It’s how we choose to culinary world-school our two kid-foodies, LouLou and Jaf. Food tours are a great way to accomplish that, and we’ve been on some deliciously informative ones in Marrakech, Prague, and of course, Amsterdam.

We loved Hungry Birds mainly because they have a food tour that focuses on discovering Amsterdam’s street food scene. They were quick to respond, easy to communicate with, and most importantly, were able to tailor a tour keeping our two kid-foodies in mind.


Here’s a list of our top 5 street foods to eat in Amsterdam. All kid-foodie approved.


street food to eat in Amsterdam

You’ll find “Hollandse Nieuwe Haring” food stalls at almost every corner, bridge or street fair in Amsterdam. A popular snack, Herring (we think it tastes similar to smoked salmon, but more oily & with a pungent smell), is typically served with chopped onions and pickles.

Our suggestion for eating it is to cock your head back, pinch your nose, and chew away. You get used to it quickly, and may even end up eating half the plate…like we did!

Patat or Vlaamse Frites

street food to eat in Amsterdam

We never imagined that Amsterdam would be the place to rival Hawaii for its mayonnaise varieties and quantities! Mustard mayo, spicy mayo, peanut mayo, Thai mayo…you name it, there’s a mayonnaise for it.

What do they serve it with? Why, French fries, of course!

street food to eat in Amsterdam

Wasn’t too fond of the onions.. but otherwise, he devoured it!

Yes, French fries (patat in Dutch) are one of the most popular street foods in the Netherlands. These fresh, crispy fries are so addicting, and make for a quick, satisfying snack. I think we must have tried every possible combination, and a top contender was patat with mayonnaise and satesaus (peanut/satay sauce).


street food to eat in AmsterdamThe stroopwafel originates from the town of Gouda (also the town for the famous gouda cheese) when a baker didn’t know what to do with the leftover breadcrumbs…so he created the stoopwafel. Best served piping hot, the stroopwafel with its gooey, caramel-like filling is so divine that it’s hard to eat just one.

street food to eat in Amsterdam

You can find fresh stroopwafel’s at the Albert Cuypmarkt where we opted for the “king size” version, or packaged at the grocery store.


street food to eat in AmsterdamThese fluffy mini-pancakes made with buckwheat flour were a hit on our tour. Served with a generous amount of butter, and loaded with powdered sugar, you can find them all throughout Amsterdam.

street food to eat in Amsterdam

Though we preferred them with just the sugar and butter, there are additional toppings that can be added on top of your poffertjes such as whipped cream, fresh strawberries or chocolate sauce (a local favorite).


street food to eat in Amsterdam
These savory deep-fried battered balls are served piping hot and filled with a soft mixture of beef, flour, and herbs. They pair well with a dab of mustard and for the adults, a glass of white beer.

street food in Amsterdam

We were told that they’re also served in between two sandwich slices or on a bread roll, which is called a “Broodje kroket.”


Trying some of the Dutch street food is a must during your visit to Amsterdam. It’s unique, kid-friendly, easy on the wallet, and of course, delicious!

street food to eat in Amsterdam
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