Kid Foodie Fridays: Fishing at Ali’i Agriculture Farms

Ali'i Agriculture Farms
LouLou and Jaf, along with their friends, recently spent the day fishing out in Wahiawa, at Ali’i Agriculture Farms, a recreational fishing farm!
Ali'i Agriculture Farms

Ali’i Agriculture Farms

Ali’i Agriculture Farms, located near Whitmore Village in Wahiawa, is a great field trip destination, especially for our two world-schoolers.
Ali'i Agriculture Farms

Adorable ‘fishing shack’ that is their office

It is one of the few recreational fishing farms on the island, and a wonderful family-friendly destination. Admission costs $15 for anyone fishing, and that includes a fishing rod and bait.
Ali'i Agriculture Farms

Ali’i Agriculture Farms is located near Whitmore Village in Wahiawa, off of Kamehameha Ave

Once you’re ready to go, you head over to the pond and cast your hook. There are currently three types of fish in the pond: grass carp, tilapia and catfish. It only took about 5-10 minutes before we caught our first fish! The kids were really excited at the opportunity to learn all about fishing, especially catching their own.
Ali'i Agriculture Farms

You can purchase your catch at $6 per lb

You can either release your catch, or buy it for $6 per pound. They even offer the option to cook your fish for you, which is what we chose to do.
Ali'i Agriculture Farms

Our steamed freshly caught fish

Since we caught two, we decided to have one fried, and the other steamed.

Ali'i Agriculture Farms

Fried fish, crispy on the outside, delicate and delicious on the inside

Both were delicious, and the fish, extremely fresh.

We’d recommend Ali’i Agriculture Farms to anyone looking for a family-friendly outing that is different from the norm. Check out the kid-foodies latest video on their outing!

It tends to get crowded on the weekends, so go early then, or better yet, go during the week. They’re open daily from 10:00am-5:00pm.ย Not that many people know the farm is open, so now would be a great time to visit!
Ali'i Agriculture Farms
For more information, check out Ali’i Agriculture Farms on Facebook:ย Ali’i Agriculture Farms
Have you ever been to a recreational fish pond with the kids? How did they like it – comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Ali'i Agriculture Farms


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